We participate in EES Munich 2021

On the occasion of the launch of our own solar energy management software, we will be present at the EES (Electrical energy storage) fair in Munich.

EES is the most prominent international event at the European level in relation to energy storage and batteries, during the event the main brands of the photovoltaic and energy storage sector will present their novelties with even greater motivation due to the cancellation of the two editions previous due to the pandemic.

Turbo Energy will present SunBox, an intelligent system for the production and storage of solar energy, which in addition to allowing solar energy to be consumed at any time of the day, has software based on artificial intelligence, which optimizes the savings produced by solar energy.

The software developed by Turbo Energy analyzes energy consumption in addition to connecting to the internet to know the electricity rate and the weather forecast, thus intelligently storing and supplying clean energy, in periods where electricity is more expensive for greater energy savings.

Thanks to the Turbo Energy App, energy consumption and savings, battery charge status and environmental savings can be viewed from any device.

In the event of a power outage, SunBox allows you to continue having clean energy to continue your activity.

The exterior has been designed to give a sustainable and different style to the home.

SunBox is a plug and play device, it connects directly to solar panels, supplying a home with up to 90% solar energy compared to grid energy. Integrating everything necessary (all in one) to offer all types of installers an easy and safe installation.