SunBox proyecto innovación

SunBox Smart selected in the Gallery of Innovation of Genera 2021

The SunBox Smart project by Turbo Energy has been selected within the Genera Innovation Gallery that will be held next week, from November 16 to 18 in Madrid, and where the 12 most innovative projects are shown, in terms of technology, related with renewable energies, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Specifically, the SunBox Smart project is a home solar system with battery storage, which applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to maximize economic savings. That is, the algorithms continuously analyze the production and consumption behavior of each plant to generate individual models that allow predicting the behavior of the plant.

By conjugating these predictions with energy prices, for the next few days, the AI algorithm decides which is the best decision from an energy management perspective based on:

• The price of energy for the next 72 hours
• The expected consumption and production of the next 72 hours
• The current battery charge

Likewise, users have the Turbo Energy App to install on their mobile devices with a very simple interface that allows them to view both real-time information on the status and measurement of their plant as well as the predictions for the next few days. In addition, the application has additional functionalities such as Peak Shaving, Backup Mode and Storm that provide additional value to the user.

During November 16 and 17, at 12 pm, talks will be held at Turbo Energy booth 4E20, to explain how SunBox Smart and the Turbo Energy App work