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Discover the new generation of SunBox. With artificial intelligence to optimise your home’s energy consumption.

It programmes itself.

SunBox is an intelligent solar energy storage system that memorises your energy consumption and automatically stores the energy in the battery for better use.

SunBox allows you to store energy when it is cheaper so that you can use it when it is more expensive, thereby providing you with additional savings compared to an ordinary solar installation.

 It even connects to the weather forecast, preventing possible power outages or days of lower solar power load so that you can continue to consume your own energy.

Here’s how SunBox helps you save energy


Store energy and use it whenever you want to

Control your consumption

Avoid being left in the dark by blackouts

Reduces CO2 emissions

Compatible with single-phase or three-phase dwellings

Make your home a unique and sustainable space. Use your own energy when necessary, day or night.


Smart Mode

SunBox will intelligently manage the solar system and battery management, optimising the economic performance.

Back-up Mode

The SunBox will reserve a % of the battery for possible power failures.

Peak Shaving Mode

SunBox will reserve a % of the battery to avoid peak demand that exceeds the contracted power.

Storm Protect

SunBox protects your home from power outages by anticipating future storms or other phenomena by charging the battery. 

Your different home

Consume your own energy

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