Install solar energy quickly and easily

Offer your customers a different, modular and very easy to install solution for installations.

La solución mas fácil y segura para tus instalaciones fotovoltaicas.

Sun box includes everything you need for energy storage for your customers. Consisting of an inverter, AC/DC protection elements and the number of batteries best suited to your installations. SunBox is the plug-and-play solution that also allows you to monitor the energy of your single-phase or three-phase installations.


Our all-in-one solution for photovoltaic installations adapts to the needs of your customers thanks to its modular energy storage system.

PLUG & PLAY, reduces assembly times in a quick, easy and safe way.

SunBox incorporates intelligent energy management software (AI) to optimise your customers’ energy consumption.

PEAK SHAVING, allows your customers to store energy at lower prices and use it when prices increase.

Offer your customers an uninterruptible power solution in the event of a power outage to their BACK UP system.


Lifetime: 20 years

Guarantee: 5 years

Dimensions (width*height*depth): 600*1250*600 mm


Version M: 5kW (single phase)

Version T: 10 kW (three-phase)

Storage capacity: from 5.1 kWh to 10.2 kWh

Batteries: more than 6000 cycles

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