SunBox EV
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Welcome to a different way of consuming energy.
Generate your own solar energy and consume it 24 hours a day.
your clean and sustainable energy managed intelligently
Design and sustainability.
Designed to give a different and sustainable style to your home
Your own energy, the difference.
With SunBox you save from the first moment and participate in the change generated through renewable energies.
Personalize the way you use solar energy.
Through the Turbo Energy App you can configure the mode of use according to your needs.

SunBox, the all-in-one solar solution to reduce your energy dependence.

SunBox is an intelligent system for the production and storage of solar energy that, in addition to allowing you to consume your solar energy at any time of the day, has artificial intelligence that will help you improve the efficiency of your solar panels and further reduce your electricity bill. .

You will turn your home into a more sustainable home by combining design and technology.


Savings, avoid future increases in the electricity bill compared to traditional operators.


Store your own energy with SunBox and provide renewable energy to your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Reduce CO2 emissions thanks to clean energy and boast a sustainable home.


Visualize your savings and your solar energy consumption thanks to the SunBox APP

SunBox shows you how much energy you use and how much you save.

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